EA regrets Titanfall’s Xbox One exclusivity and would have made far more money had they released the game on the PS4, says respected industry insider Pete Dodd.

“Titanfall is dominating the media but inFamous is dominating things where the consumer makes the choice (like YouTube, Twitter, etc) and not editors.

Sony also used its own metrics in a meeting with EA last week and showed them what they would have sold on the PS3 and PS4. The money EA took from MS doesn’t even begin to cover it. The EA guys went over the math and agreed. EA is in full “We’re so fucking sorry, Sony” mode currently.”

PS4 sales led that of the Xbox One by 1.4 million units as of the end of January, so it’s not exactly a hard conclusion to draw – but with the Xbox One rapidly closing the sales gap (partly due to Titanfall) is there another factor at force here? Has Titanfall perhaps under-performed in its opening week?

Meanwhile the hype train for inFamous: Second Son continues to gain momentum, with many touting it as the best-looking PS4 game yet.

Source: NeoGAF