LG can be considered to be a fairly new entrant to the smartphone market. The company has received a lot of popularity with the G2 and G3 handsets that it had provided. Rumors have it that the company will soon launch its next device in the series, the G4 handset.


It is rumored that the device will feature an all metal body. This is expected as all other major manufacturers, including the likes of Samsung, are increasingly adopting the metal body design. LG will however, need to remove the plastic back as present in current models, but the metal design could lead to a completely solid and waterproof body. The G4 is also expected to run on the latest Android 5 OS.


It is likely that the G4 will sport a 20.7 MP rear camera, with the technology for stabilization of optical images. Currently, the G3 features a 13 MP rear camera and it is expected that this will be upgraded in the newer G4. Possibilities of the inclusion of a micro SD card slot are also likely as is a 5.3 inch screen. A bezel of 0.7 inch thickness for encompassing the screen is also rumored.


The G4 will probably feature an octa-core Nunclun processor. It will be based on four 1.5 GHz ARM processor cores, running in conjunction with four other 1.2 GHz ARM cores. This essentially means that the device will be capable of delivering high performance, even when it comes to extreme gaming which utilizes a lot of power. It is also expected that the G4 will feature 64 bit architecture and will support two channels of RAM. It is expected that the device will launch with 4 GB of RAM.


The display of the G4 will definitely need to improve on the G3. It is rumored that the G4 will feature a display running edge to edge and will be a quad HD display capable of supporting a resolution of 1440 by 2560 pixels.


While the LG G3 provides for a decently good battery at a capacity of 3000 mAh, all manufacturers are consistently trying very hard to increase the battery life of the devices they offer. Consequently, it is expected that the G4 will be launched with a larger 3500 mAh battery.


The G4 is expected to be released around May 2015, one year after the release of the G3. It is expected to be a premium handset, rivaling the top models provided by other major players including Apple, Samsung and HTC. Going by this, it is speculated that the device will retail at a price of around $900.


The G series of smartphones from LG have really helped the company in gaining users and making an entry into the smartphone market. With the earlier devices in the G series providing for some very useful features at an affordable price, the G4 might be targeted to a more premium market of consumers. LG will be keen on gaining more recognition in the mobile devices segment with this release.