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GamerGate Update: Xbox One dev, anonymous game industry figures in support

by GH Staff
GamerGate Xbox

A supposed Microsoft employee known only as “Xbox guy”, presumably a developer that worked on the Xbox One, has recently posted a photograph, alongside a statement showing his support of the recent GamerGate movement.

The image shows an exclusive white Xbox One console, which was only given to Microsoft employees (it even says, “I Made This – Launch Team 2013), with a Post-It note stuck on the front that reads, “#GamerGate.” The picture is accompanied by a blurb of text describing his support.

You can view the picture, and text, in question below (courtesy of One Angry Gamer):


Xbox One Developer In Support of GamerGate

GamerGate Microsoft


What do you think about this?


Among other related news, another anonymous video game industry figure recently posted the following on the 4chan /v/ forums:

“Hello /v/ I know none of you will believe me, but I am in a position in the game industry which gives me a certain set of information which will be helpful for you. 

Here is what you need to shift some focus to. PR and publishers. If you start contacting the PR reps, which I can give you emails for, and POLITELY and RESPECTFULLY explain that the response from journalists at XYZ site means you will no longer be visiting those sites, and as long as Game company #4 continues to allow their games to be covered by XYZ site, you wont be purchasing those titles either. the PR guys WILL listen, and believe me, they ARE watching the chaos. Most of them are closer to your side of things then you think, and most of them are sick to death of Kotaku etc. 

At Pax I spoke to several of my friends, Klepek or whoever it was that said the devs are on his side was full of shit. Most of us, myself included are scared to death, the blacklist is real, people in dev positions all over ARE and HAVE BEEN losing their jobs for disagreeing with the Progressive agenda, not because a majority in the industry agrees with it, but because the un-godly firestorm Sarkeesian and the rest will rain down on any studio who isnt goosestepping in line with them is not worth one or two programmers or artists’ jobs. Many of us in the industry are trolling reddit, twitter, and 4chan hopeful that you guys turn this shit around. So here is a list of emails for you guys to use. 

Remember, these people are friends, they may have personal views on the subject, but they have a job. PLEASE be respectful.”

The individual then provides a list of names and emails.


It seems as though more and more prominent video game industry figures are standing alongside gamers, rather than against them.

If you are unfamiliar with GamerGate, you can read a much more in-depth article here. Additional articles on the subject can be found here and here.


What are your thoughts on this situation? Do you agree or disagree with #GamerGate, or are you somewhat indifferent towards the whole thing? Are gamers “winning?”

Let us know in the comment section below! As always, stay tuned to GamerHeadlines.com for the latest in video game and technology news.

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