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GeForce NOW Streaming Services Leaves Beta, Available At $4.99/Month

by GH News
GeForce NOW Streaming Service

NVIDIA certainly took its time testing the GeForce NOW, but the said cloud gaming service at last left beta earlier today. Consequently, anyone in the United States can now subscribe to the platform for as little as zero currency. Yes, the free plans from the beta are still on offer, with identical limitations.

For those not in the loop, signing up for a free GeForce NOW account allows hour-long uninterrupted gaming sessions. Naturally, don’t expect to be given priority while waiting in a virtual line for any one of several dozen supported games.

If you’re willing to throw some money NVIDIA’s way, a Founders Subscription tier will set you back $4.99 per month, with the catch being that you have to pay for a full year in advance. Still, that does come down to the price of just a single AAA game on release these days. A pretty reasonable price point, if there ever was one.

Keep in mind this is a limited-time offer which includes a free 90-day trial, or “introductory” period, as NVIDIA puts it. It will also allow you to experience a variety of modern AAA releases in all their ray-traced glory.

Free accounts, on the other hand, can only stream games via GeForce NOW with RTX off.