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Grimm Series – Happy News for Those Who Are Waiting for Fourth Season

by GH Staff

“Grimm” – The American popular superhero drams is in news recently as the premiere of latest season got more number of views than anticipated. The successful last season forced the makers to come up with next season with more highlights. The end of the last season recorded high number of views than anticipated as a total of more than 5.34 million watched the show.

Usually we see novels being remade as television series where as few popular TV serials will achieve the rare feet of converting into novels. Grimm is one of such series and the manufactures asked John Shirley, a famous novelist to make a novel on the series and he immediately agreed and the series of Grimm books started. The Icy Touch (1st book in series) was released in 2013. To get unique style in writing, the manufactures approached John Passarella to write the 2ndbook and The Chopping Block got released in February 2014. Third novel in the series The Killing Time was released in September 2014. All the tree books got positive response from the book readers and this increased the audience base for the upcoming fourth season.

This series got nominated for several awards and more than the awards this program remained in the hearts of audiences which occurs in rarest of the rare occasions.  This series is considered as perfect mix of blend of highly qualified technicians and visioned producers. The Universal Television, GK productions and Hazy Mills production are reputed producers in the TV industry and they are combinedly producing this series.

You want to know more about this series, visit the dedicated website of this program. David Diuntoli played the main character of the series and his character is main asset for the series. With his high IQ levels combined with intelligent guesses and supernatural forces he is ready to attack once again. This series is like a guide for those who want to produce or direct or act in supernatural characters in the small screen.

Constantine Vs Grimm in this season:

If the rumours are to be believed the television industry is ready to see yet another fight between two superheros in two different channels. The same day, on which the NBC’s flagship program Grimm’s 4th season premiere is being telecasted, the same day Constantine made his debut on the small screen. Only god knows whether it is intentional or just a coincidence but even in this stiff competition from its rival this show is managed to get 5.3 millions views. Though this figure seems to be low, NBC is more than satisfied because the premier achieved this feet when the highly publicised Constantine premier is being telecasted on the same time attracted 4.3 million which is almost 20% less than the great World Series.

In the opinion of TV experts, Grimm will lead the season for sure but the worrying factor is more of its audience are getting shifted to Constantine which is not at all like by the manufactures of Grimm. Hope they will bounce back with strong plot and extraordinary screenplay to achieve something big.