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While Rockstar’s Launching New Shark Cards, Vice City Gets Remastered

by GH News
Vice Cry Remastered GTA 5 mod

Another day, another breathtaking and awe-inspiring mod for pick_any_3D_GTA_title that looks more refreshing than literally any piece of GTA Online content since GTA Online content became a thing.

This time around, we are looking at an incredible modernization effort aimed at bringing the fan-favorite GTA: Vice City in line with the modern sensibilities. Simply called Vice Cry: Remastered, you are looking at a true-to-life (well, digital life, whatever), one-for-one port of GTA Vice City to the GTA V engine, all packaged as DLC for the last single player GTA likely to be officially released during our lifetime.

Nothing makes you appreciate the insane lengths to which these complete strangers from the Internet go in order to recreate these highlights from the turn of the century, essentially rebuilding your childhood, asking for nothing in return but a thank you, retweet, letter of recommendation, a decent side gig to put on a CV, a modest Patreon subscription – recurring, mind you – and they deserve all of it.

This thing is mental and if you’re not going to play it, you should at least check out the trailer and let the nostalgia fill the blanks, at least while Fernando Martinez isn’t seductively whispering through the airwaves about all the statutory crimes he committed last night, in between the sounds of Toto’s ‘Africa’ and ‘Keep On Loving You’ by REO Speedwagon.

Ah, Vice City… Vice City is a place anyone with even the faintest of interest in interactive entertainment needs to visit at least once, trust us on that one. And thanks to these wonderful modders, that’s easier and more enjoyable than ever before.