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HTC Announces New Flagship Headset In Vive Cosmos

by GH News
HTC Announces New Flagship Headset

Taiwanese manufacturer HTC today took the wraps off its newest cutting-edge virtual reality headset. The device in question is called the Vive Cosmos and is actually a full-fledged product series consisting of several modular VR gadgets. If that sounds expensive, that’s because it is.

More specifically, a Vive Cosmos Elite bundle including an external tracking faceplate, a pair of SteamVR base stations, and two Vive motion controllers will retail at $899, HTC confirmed.

The aforementioned faceplate is also planned to be released as a standalone accessory, priced at $199. Unfortunately, while the bundle will be launching by the end of the next month, the singular plate is only intended to release at some point in the second quarter of the year. Which probably means June, knowing HTC. Moving on to the heart of today’s announcement, the Vive Cosmos is a cutting-edge VR solution with half a dozen extra vertical cameras and another couple of waist sensors for tracking this body area.

It is compatible with the existing Wireless Adapter from HTC and can already be ordered today for $699. The Vive Cosmos Elite, meanwhile, will become available for standalone pre-orders next Monday, February 24th. HTC still isn’t sharing exact availability dates, whether for U.S. or any other market. But more information is bound to follow by early March.