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InkEvolved.com gets a new look and name

by GH News
PrinterHeadlines Rebranded

From four college pals to four business partners ready to take on the printing industry, they’ve come a long way. After observing a shortage of help in the printing department, these four friends formed a Helpdesk dedicated to helping tens of thousands of people solve their printer and printing-related issues.  

After three years of working on the InkEvolved Helpdesk and formulating over 1000 troubleshooting articles, the team unanimously decided to implement significant changes.  

A Special Birthday Gift 

Since they will celebrate their 3rd Birthday on July 16th, there is no better time to share the news that InkEvolved will officially be rebranding. Moving forward, InkEvolved and all of their content will be under the new name, PrinterHeadlines

For their milestone, they gifted themselves with some of the essential pieces of software and programs that will help boost their performance and enhance the experience of visitors coming to the site. Some of these crucial technical changes are moving from the unmanaged WordPress platform and testing out the managed solution from Kinsta. Furthermore, the team decided to go with the tagDiv platform, given its good record and ratio of performance and features.  

New Team, New Printers 

On top of all that, the team now has eight members and printer specialists, double the amount they had before. This change means that apart from the fact that they will have authors focusing on providing new troubleshooting articles, they will also be offering new segments. Specifically, the printing community will have access to the latest printing news, manuals, tutorials, and more.  

With a new team also comes new printers. So far, the printers that they covered topics on were Epson, HP, Brother, and Canon. Thanks to the team upgrade now, they will also check in on troubleshooting topics about Lexmark, Konica, Dymo, and Ricoh. In the future, they also hope to render topics about 3D printers.  

In addition to these improvements, InkEvolved wants to focus on bringing the printer community closer together. One of the many ways they will do this is by committing to spending more time working on their social media platforms. Engaging with the printer society will people get to the content they are looking for faster and more efficiently; Facebook and Twitter are the primary tools they will use to help do so.  

PrinterHeadlines will have all of the new themes, features, and subjects available shortly!