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Is The Future Of Gaming Going To Be Free-To-Play?

by GH Staff

Developers and Publishers have always been looking for new ways to get their content out with as best a profit as possible, now it seems most Triple-A Developers are exploring Free-To-Play game alternatives with premium paid options.

The most recent cause of Free-To-Play business expansion appears to be coming from Capcom of all people, with the announcement of their upcoming Free-To-Play PlayStation 4 title “Deep Down” it is clear that this classic company is willing to take a chance and branch out towards more paid-feature games.

Capcom’s Upcoming “Deep Down” Free-To-Play Game

Capcom is by no means the first of the big companies to investigate Free-To-Play titles, with many other developers such as EA and Ubisoft owning several big and popular free-to-play games like Ghost Recon: Phantoms and Star Wars: The Old Republic.  It has been made clear through constant update that these publishers dedicate time, effort and funds to their free-to-play titles in order to keep people playing them, and it seems like the trade in for the longer profit vs a one time boost in money is really paying off for these developers.

Ubisoft’s “Ghost Recon: Phantoms”

With these big leaders in game development going into free-to-play development and business models, I feel it is only a matter of time before many smaller developers begin planning on Free-To-Play models and working out premium features for the users, I only hope this doesn’t affect the single-player and dedicated titles that fans await so eagerly.