Developed by Imgn.Pro, Kholat is a new survival horror game that is based on motives from a true event. Currently on Steam Greenlight, nothing about the actual gameplay is revealed at this point. However, the story on which the game is based should be a good base for a terrifying experience.

The story of the game revolves around the Dyatlov Pass incident. Being one of the top unexplained mystery disappearances in modern history, the incident refers to to the mysterious and unexplained deaths of nine hikers on the east shoulder of the mountain Kholat Syakhl back in 1959.

Even though, the horror-twist the developers have decided to put into the story is yet unknown, the concept of the game seems compelling. People who do want to see the game on Steam can vote on the Kholat Steam Greenlight hub. A short teaser trailer for the game has also been released. Moreover, liking the Facebook page of the game gives a chance you will get a free copy of the game, if you manage to solve one of their mysteries.

Do you believe that the Dyatlov Pass Incident is a good base for a horror-survival game? Could Kholat compete with games, such as Slender or Daylight?

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