Lifestyle brand and gaming organization Hundred Thieves is joining the Call of Duty Esports league, the entity announced earlier today. And duh, of course we know what some of those words mean. In all seriousness, 100 Thieves have so far been primarily known for their exploits on the League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scenes.

Founded in 2017, they also established a CoD team a year later, but tournament play has been their one and only focus up until today. The decision to join the Call of Duty esports league, however, has been directly prompted by their last year’s successes on the competitive front.

Namely, the organization won two CoD championship titles last year. That’s according to Matthew Haag, 100 Thieves founder and CEO, who’s perhaps better known by his CoD gamertag Nadeshot. He won the title of the CoD world champion under that alias back in 2017, after which he proceeded to found the brand itself.

The new team is joining the CoD esports league as Los Angeles Thieves. Their home turf will be the same Culver City stadium spanning 15,000 square feet that’s been used by the organization’s other rosters over the course of the last three years.