Logitech, best known for their electronics and accessories, will be producing a video game. However, they’re going through the process a little bit differently. They’re going to need your opinion to help the game move along.

The¬†project from Logitech is called “Together We Game,” where players will provide the content for the game as well as be a part of the development process. The game is hoping to launch in January of 2015 on Steam for the PC and Apple’s App Store on Mac.

How they’re going to accomplish this is with user input directly on their own website and a reddit post. The reddit post is for posting ideas and players can vote on their favorite ideas. These will then go into a final vote on Logitech’s website¬†where the idea will then either be implemented into the game or eliminated by another idea. This will last up until the release, making a user collaborated experience.

The idea according to Ehtisham Rabbani, Logitech’s Chief Marketing Officer, is that “games are increasingly how we express ourselves,” and we couldn’t agree more. Take into account our authors on this website. We don’t write about video games because it’s a day job. We write about video games because it’s a way to express our creativity. I know I’m not a game programmer and making a video game seems daunting personally, but with a collective of millions of people around the world who are better programmers, there’s the opportunity to make something much larger than just the idea alone.

Frank Lantz, director of New York University Game Labs and studio Tiny Mantis will be in the development process of the game. The game concept will be implemented as a tower defense game, which players must eliminate waves upon waves of enemies until their tower runs of out defense. The game is going to be tower defense related and someone else will do all the programming. It seems simple enough. Lantz noted also that “tower defense gameplay was invented by people making and sharing maps and mods of Starcraft and Warcraft.” The collective is a wonderful thing, especially when people around the world have many ideas that we haven’t even seen yet.

This will make way for innovative ways of gaming, whether we know it now or not. The future of community based games depends on how this title performs. I’ll be sure to follow it, but I’m hoping you all see the progress of what the gaming community can produce for Logitech.

What do you think of a communal idea pool for a video game? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments down below!

Here’s a trailer for the project!

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