The newly introduced group of wireless Bluetooth speakers from Logitech is quite blatant in its ambition to infiltrate every holiday 2020 tech gift guide on the Internet. And who can blame it? At $79.99, the Logitech Z407 is a pretty tempting purchase to a wide variety of consumers, whether they’re shopping for gifts for their loved ones or themselves.

Despite the modest price tag, this gadget offers a 2.1 wireless surround experience driven by up to 80 watts of power. That .1 meaning a subwoofer is part of the package, as well.

As tends to be the case with every audio offering released these days, Logitech claims the Z407 uses AI in order to figure out an optimal way to simulate a truly immersive entertainment experience worthy of the surround system label. In practice, you can at the very least count on the subowoofer going woo at sub-midrange frequencies, which is already more than what you could expect from the average audio system that’s cheaper than a pair of barebones wireless earbuds in this day and age.

Combined with a futuristic wireless remote, the Logitech Z407 seems way more premium (read: expensive) than it is, which makes it the perfect holiday gift. Needless to say, that’s the entire point of this particular product launch.