This League of Legends player transfer season is starting off with quite a bang. Or three bangs, to be exact, as both Perkz and Broxah have just announced their much-rumored departures from G2 Gaming and Team Liquid, respectively.

Luka Perković’s move away from G2 has been a particularly dragged out affair, with the final confirmation of the development coming in the form of – what else than a – Twitter video thanking the fans for their support,. For about as long as Perkz and G2’s split has been rumored about, so, too have rumblings about the former’s next destination circulated the industry. By pretty much every account imaginable, the famous mid-laner and one of the most successful players in the history of the sport altogether, is on the verge of joining Cloud9.

The number one piece of evidence suggesting this transfer is all but official is the fact that Belgian Yasin Dinçer, aka Nisqy is leaving Cloud9 for Fnatic, just a month short of his third full year with the team. is still not anything in the way of an official confirmation of this signing, but one should not be too far behind. The hardest part of the transition is done, after all. At the same time, Broxah is leaving Team Liquid after only a year-long stint with the team that was experimental above anything else.