Sure, they’re *Marvel’s* Avengers, but this loss is all on Square Enix. And for what it is worth, the Japanese video game developer and publisher is actually owning up to it rather swiftly.

As the company just put out a financial statement that doesn’t sugar-coat this failure to a particularly extravagant degree. More specifically, Square estimates it ended the third quarter of this year with a $47.75 million deficit (calculated from pounds), in spite of the much-anticipated Marvel’s Avengers debuting right smack in the middle, or thereabout, of the observed period. September 4th, actually, so maybe not the most accurate choice of words, I admit.

But you know what else isn’t accurate? Square’s idea of how a quality superhero video game released in 2020 ought to look like. And its still-curious choice to task Crystal Dynamics with making it despite having zero directly applicable experience in the genre and infinite expertise in doing single-player blockbusters akin to interactive Hollywood hits, Rise of the Tomb Raider being the most recent example.

It’s hard to say where Marvel’s Avengers will move from here but this software-as-a-service certainly didn’t have the greatest of starts in terms of software or service quality. Now, let’s see if Square learns from its mistakes in the immediate future and why it won’t.

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