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Microsoft Security Essentials or Norton Antivirus which gives the best protection?

by GH Staff
Microsoft Security Essentials

There are several antivirus software that you can use to keep the data on your computer safe. Two of such software that you can go for are Microsoft Security Essentials and Norton Antivirus. Although both of them could be used to achieve the same goals, there are quite a number of differences between them. Below is a comparison of the two so that you can make the right choice of antivirus for your laptop or PC.


When choosing software for your computer, you should think of the amount of time the installation process takes and even its complexity. Installing Norton Antivirus is very simple and straightforward. With a standard computer, the process can be done in under 1 minute. On the other hand, installing Microsoft Security Essentials is slow without forgetting the amount of time that you will have to waste on configuring it.


One of the biggest setbacks of Microsoft’s antivirus is the fact that it can only work on Windows based computers. This means that anyone running on any other operating system cannot use it. Luckily for such people, Norton Antivirus is available for different platforms including even mobile devices.


This is what really determines the antivirus software to purchase. Both of these software have been tested in different labs and regardless of the test they were put through, Norton emerged as a better option. Furthermore, MSE is unsuitable for older versions of windows such as Windows XP. Microsoft Security Essentials is also known to take a longer scan time compared to Norton Antivirus.


MSE may have its shortcomings, but it is a free antivirus that comes as a complementary package for windows computers. Provided you have a genuine installation of windows 7 or 8, you have access to this software. Unfortunately for those who want to use Norton Antivirus, they must part with about $39.99 for a single license.


Both of these software can be effective in keeping your computer safe although Norton Antivirus does this in a more efficient way. Therefore, it is the best option for your device despite its cost. In fact, buying it is money well spent.