A new update to the stock Camera app found on modern Motorola Android smartphones is now rolling out to users across the United States and Canada, as well as the rest of the world. It has been designated with release version number 3.0.

A catchy name for an equally memorable software upgrade

Namely, Camera 3.0 promises to offer the best mobile photography experiece ever conceived inside Motorola’s mobile ecosystem. Cynics would say that doesn’t necessarily mean much, but keep in mind Motorola has only been absent from the flagship market for the last couple of years and has already returned to the high-end smartphone segment. And camera quality is likely the second-last thing that can be blamed for its past failings, right after battery life. So, when the company says it outdid itself on the imaging front, you better believe that’s a big deal.

Camera 3.0 hence leverages a number of artificial intelligence technologies in order to offer a user experience that’s both more intuitive and consistent in terms of output. And it’s pretty easy to guess why. As having a highly intelligent neural network trained by thousands of even more powerful supercomputers make exposure decisions on your behalf on the fly would improve anyone’s selfie game.