Taipei, Taiwan-based MSI today announced its latest flagship gaming laptops in the form of the MSI Bravo 15 and MSI Bravo 17. The 2020 iterations of the company’s product range isn’t just its most powerful yet, which is a given, but also breaks its previous performance ceiling with exactly zero involvement from NVIDIA, the largest computer component manufacturer on the planet.

But this is extremely unlikely to be the start of some corporate feud or anything of the sort. MSI and NVIDIA have been collaborating on a variety of fronts for literal decades and that relationship is looking as rock-solid as ever.. Yes, even as MSI introduced not one but two high-end (read: high-margin) gaming laptops whose core components have been sourced exclusively from NVIDIA’s largest rival, Advanced Micro Devices.

But the presence of the AMD Ryzen 4000 H-Series CPUs and AMD Radeon RX 5500M GPUs inside these newly debuted portable computers is hardly an end of an era. Instead, it is a very clear signal that NVIDIA’s highly anticipated next generation of graphics cards is poised to launch in the very near future. MSI’s track record with product releases happening ahead of major NVIDIA announcements suggests as much.

According to recent reports, the said GPU range, the second generation of NVIDIA’s ray-tracing-enabled GeForce RTX graphics cards, is planned to be unveiled in late summer.