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Nashville 3rd Season Promotions – Christmas with Nashville Album

by GH Staff

Nashville is well known program in USA, especially for music lovers. The first episode of this show was premiered in ABC network on 10-10-2012 and close to nine million viewers watched it. Though this number is way ahead of several popular premier show numbers, this premiere viewership number is actually a percentage of total views as the premier of this show is available on ABC.com, iTunes and Hulu before being telecasted in TV and if the views from these sources are also calculated then the premiere of this show itself created an unbreakable record. This episode got acclamation from critics also who praised Khouri’s written lines and the performances of H.Panettiere and C.Britton.

The season 1 of Nashville ended on 22-05-2013 and on average each episode was watched by 6.5 million and this promoted the makers to start a new season. The second season started off on 25-09-2013 and it completed on a high note on 14-04-2014. ABC announced the third season recently and it may start in the first quarter of 2015.

The premiere of the season 3 just attracted 5.8 million views which is very low when compared to previous two seasons that attracted 8.93 and 6.5 million views respectively.    The cast of the Nashville came up with a unique idea to celebrate this Christmas. This will not only act as a promotion for the new season but also reminds all the faces of the Nashville team at one place. They composed an album “Christmas with Nashville” and the album is expected to be in shops on 4th November 2014. If the gossips that are circulating are true, then the two hosts also sang classical Christmas songs like “White Christmas”, “Mr.Grinch” etc. The total album consists of 12 songs and you can enjoy the voices of all the important singers who are part of Nashville season1 and season2. The track list is available as of now but you need to wait till Nov 4th to listen to those tracks. Hope this new album will help season 3 in getting success on par with the previous two seasons.  ABC network is also giving huge publicity to this album and hope this will return the past glory of Nashville to season 3 also. Singers like Chaley Rose, Will Chase, Aubrey Peeples etc. also gave their voices for this album and the entire unit is planning to celebrate Christmas on Nashville set so that it will increase the audience base though this news is not yet confirmed by the makers.

Coming to awards and rewards to Nashville, this show telecasted the anchoring talent in Connie Britton and she got nominated for 70th Golden Globe Awards as best performance and her partner in the show nominated for best supporting actor. Hayden Panettiere even got nominated for the 71st Golden Globe Awards also in the same category. Metacricic reviewed it as universally acclaimed series and given a rating of 8.4 on a scale of 10 where as Rotten Tomatoes showed 92% and 100% favourable reviews based on users opinion for seasons one and two respectively.