Naughty Dog is successfully selling plastic decorative eggs for 120 U.S. dollars. What’s your excuse?

Before you collectors come burn me at the stake, YES, it’s made of polystone, and YES, polystone resin is harder to come by than other plastics. That being said, unless this Jak & Daxter Precursor Orb (which in all fairness measures in at a rather significant 5″ by 6″) is made of solid, refined, and handcrafted bronze, I can’t see much reason to buy it at the current price tag.

Pushing my opinion aside, let’s stick to the facts; this egg-shaped replica of a collectible from the famous Jak & Daxter games is a part of an even bigger news story that even less people would like to read. That is, Naughty Dog outgrew its meager Playstation-embroidered britches and expanded into its own online store a la Capcom.

Now, Jak & Daxter, The Last of Us, and a complete lack of representation of Crash Bandicoot that Raccoon thing everyone likes so much is pretty standard for Naughty Dog, but we need to address the elephant in the room. Where’s my Way of the Warrior┬álimited edition mugs? Where are my 120 dollar replicas of the Rings of Power?

The Last of Us, take note. THIS is how you develop a masterpiece.

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