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Netgear CM600 Cable Modem User Manual in PDF

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Netgear, Inc. is a networking hardware business founded in 1996 in San Jose, United States. Current chairman and CEO is Mr. Patrick Lo, who founded the company as an electronic engineer. Netgear is well-known for their gaming router series, but they have a stronghold in the small to mid-business networking equipment as well, providing products such as firewalls, network storage, surveillance cameras and similar. All design is done on US soil, while the manufacturing is done abroad, mostly by Foxconn, SerComm, USI Electronics and other large manufacturing plants, mostly in Asia. For quality control, Netgear has offices in Hong Kong and China in general, which was critical in order to maintain a certain level of quality.

Cable modems represent the most common and wide-spread method of establishing a connection to the Internet. These are sold or rented by your ISP with a subscription plan and have a task of connecting to a landline connection, remodulating the data, and sending it to and from your computer. These simple devices are best when you have a single computer or device in your home, but in cases where you would need to connect multiple devices to the Internet, a router is an inevitable piece of equipment. This complicates things somewhat, but the setup is clearly defined and it is easy to work with in the long run.

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