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Nikon Raises Mirrorless Camera Bar With Z 6II/7II

by GH News
Nikon Z 6II and 7II announced

Nikon today announced two new full-frame mirrorless cameras: the Z 6II and Z 7II. Neither have been intended for beginners, as suggested by their steep MSRPs set at $1,999.95 and $2,999.95, respectively.

Naturally, those figures are for bodies alone. Nikon does intend to offer the Z 6II and Z 7II in combination with some kit lenses, as well, but anyone shelling out north of a couple of grand for a camera body will probably want to avoid any lens with “kit” in its name, anyway.

Both the Nikon Z 6II and Nikon Z 7II will be hitting the market in the United States this December. The Japanese company isn’t prepared to share an exact release date for either one of its newly unveiled mirrorless cameras, however. Presumably due to the traditional supply chain uncertainties we’ve seen weighing down other electronics companies over the course of this year, as well.

In any case, the Nikon Z 6II is the more video-focused of the two offerings. Its list of features hence includes 4K UHD 60 fps capture, 120fps slow-motion recordings at FHD resolutions, etc. Whereas the Nikon Z 7II has been envisioned as your next still photography powerhouse, with the company anticipating this model to be particularly popular among wedding photographers.