The American branch of Nikon today launched a new trade-in program designed to make its newly announced mirrorless camera, the Z5, even more accessible. More specifically, U.S. customers are able to trade in a wide range of their old camera bodies in exchange for a discount of up to $100 toward their Nikon Z5 purchase.

Of course, the offer is only available if you’re buying the Z5 directly from Nikon or one of its licensed distributors. The good news, however, is that Nikon is willing to accept pretty much any old DSLR (or even mirrorless) body, no matter the brand.

The only caveat is that you need to present a camera that’s in working order. That shouldn’t be a terribly high bar to clear, especially since Nikon is also willing to give out half of the aforementioned discount for half-working units. The trade-in program will be available until at least September 27th, or while initial Z5 supplies last, the company said in a prepared statement issued just moments ago. In other words, this can knock off some 7% off your new mirrorless camera purchase. As the Nikon Z5 is set to retail at $1,399.99 in the United States.

The entry-level mirrorless camera will become available to buy stateside come August 27th.