There has been much talk about the new Open Queue Mode in Overwatch and the said matchmaking revamp is now live in competitive play as of today, Blizzard has confirmed. The launch of this major novelty coincides with the start of Overwatch season 23. Which was to be expected, as Blizzard is understandably doing what it can to ensure all players are on as equal grounds as possible in ranked play.

Besides, you know, not dismantling the the very core of its esports game and then putting it back together over the weekend. We jest, it was at least two weekends’ worth of work. Regardless, the Open Queue Mode is now live in competitive, allowing you to shake up your matchmaking filters and preferences.

More specifically, the change means you can now opt for different team compositions besides the traditional pairs of tanks, damage dealers, and support players. Any Skill Rating, i.e. ELO points earned in this new gameplay mode will be calculated separately of the good ol’ snoozefe… I mean, super hardcore, true pro player battlegrounds that is the original Role Queue. And all of that due to Blizzard being amused by a small Arcade experiment from earlier in the year.

Well, happy hunting, everyone!