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Plans to Bring Minecraft Clone to Wii U By Mystery Developer Surfaces

by GH Staff
Minecraft Clone to Wii U

Yesterday a mysterious and somewhat dubious press release e-mail which you can read on GoNintendo outlines a project called Operation Spartacus that plans to bring a Minecraft clone to Wii U called U Craft. Part of the mandate of this project is that the developer is keeping itself under wraps:

Remember when those soldiers wanted to kill Sparticus and he was in a group of people and when the Soldiers came everybody stood up and said I’m Sparticus?

That is the premise for this new PR penetration tactic.

Presumably the idea is to keep the identity of the developer secret as it could attract the ire of Microsoft, who recently purchased the Mojang, the creator of Minecraft. Microsoft recently stated that they would only diversify the popular sandbox game onto Nintendo systems if there were potential for a large enough player base. The studio behind Operation Spartacus claims to be ‘licensed:’

Here is a licensed Nintendo Wii U studio developing a Minecraft Clone called U Craft. We are about to reveal the first alpha images of it, revealing the game, but not the developer behind it!!

Following tomorrows reveal, other studios will be revealing new U Craft content in future. You’ll never know where the new info will come from or from who! We hope you enjoy speculating the mystery developer behind U Craft!

The lack of proper spelling and sentence structure is worrying. Today the first screenshot, which you can see above, made its way to the web via an indie developer named Hulbreach Games, who then went on to delete the Tweet the image came from. One wonders though, if this developer is so worried about being fingered, how do they plan to actually publish this game when it’s finished?

Are you feeling doubtful about this project? If nothing else, we here at Gamer Headlines enjoy a good mystery.


Thanks to SegementNext for the information.

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