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Playstation Experience Rumour Rundown

by GH Staff

The Playstation Experience is so close we can almost smell it. The 2-day event will have panels with developers, signings, contests, giveaways and more but all eyes are on the game announcements that will be made at the event. Sony has promised ‘blockbuster’ announcements including new game reveals; because of this plenty of rumours have been circulating around the globe on what Sony has up their sleeve for later on this week, with that in mind let’s have a look at the possibilities of each rumour coming true:



The Last Guardian Reveal

Let’s start off with the elephant in the room, Team Ico’s Last Guardian. Ever since E3 2009 people have been fascinated with Team Ico’s project to an unhealthy degree. Every year people truly believe that Sony will resurrect the project and show it to the masses, unfortunately Sony has not brought the game to any press conference since E3 2009 and it will probably remain that way for the foreseeable future. The reason for this is because The Last Guardian is like the ‘Royal Flush’ of press conferences, if Sony ever were to show it, the momentum of any of other companies E3 conference would be completely eviscerated, with that in mind, why bring your biggest gun when no one else is around to shoot? The Last Guardian missed E3, Gamescom and TGS this year and it will also miss the Playstation Experience. 

Chances of happening- Very Unlikely

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Nathan Drake Face Model



Uncharted 4 Gameplay

Uncharted 4 had a teaser trailer back in November last year, a real-time trailer at E3 and we have not seen it since. The next step for Naughty Dog is to show off some gameplay of the Nathan Drake’s last adventure. With reports that the game will be playable at the booths on the show floor, it would be expected that Naughty Dog will have a slice of gameplay to. The most likely guess will be a very short amount of time. Expect Uncharted 4 to end the show with a bang next month.

Chances of it happening- Likely

Guerrilla Games Killzone developer new game Horizon images leaked



Guerrilla Games’ RPG reveal

Guerrilla Games, the creators of the Killzone series, have been quietly toiling away at new IP which departs from the planets of Vekta and Helgan. We have already seen concept art of the game and while it looks very cool, it is hard to say whether it will be seen at the Playstation Experience. On the one hand, Guerrilla has recently released a pretty large expansion to Killzone, but at the same time they have been reportedly working on the RPG for some time. It is very possible that there will be a teaser trailer in store for those in attendance, but nothing more than that.

Chances of happening- 50/50




Infamous Vita Reveal

Ever since the Vita was announced there have been constant rumours about the Vita getting an Infamous game; these rumours were given a little weight after Nate Fox, creator director at Sucker Punch studios, possibly hinted at an Infamous Vita title during an interview. Even though it would be awesome, the chances of it actually happening are close to zero. Sony has been quite clear that the Vita is shifting focus away from AAA titles to smaller indie games. It may have been good idea, it may have even been in development but the chances of seeing it at the Playstation Experience are extremely low.

Chances of happening- Extremely Unlikely

The Order 1886



New Gameplay For The Order: 1886

Have you noticed that The Order: 1886 has shown the same demo over and over again through-out 2014? Just like Uncharted 4, the next step for The Order is to show some new gameplay at the Playstation Experience. With the release date approaching rather quickly, we should see something new, and cool, from The Order: 1886 at the Playstation Experience.

Chances of happening- Extremely Likely

Media Molecule



Media Molecule New IP Reveal

We already know that Media Molecule will be at the Playstation Experience to show the wacky and wonderful Tearaway Unfolded for the PS4 but will they be bringing something else? Tearaway is being made with a very small team at Media Molecule so the rest of the studio should be doing something right? It has been nearly 4 years since Media Molecule has released something un-Tearaway related so it very likely that the studio’s next big project will be shown some time very soon.

Chances of happening- Likely

sony bend



Sony Bend New IP Reveal

Just like Media Molecule, Sony Bend has been dormant for quite some time. Uncharted: Golden Abyss was released almost 3 years ago in Japan and since then we have not seen anything big from Sony Bend since. It is Sony Bend’s turn to stand in the spotlight so the chances of the team from Oregon going to Las Vegas is quite high, what they are actually going to be shown is a different story entirely. What kind of genre will the game be? Hopefully we will find out at the Playstation Experience.

Chances of happening- Likely



What do you want to see at the Playstation Experience later on this week? What do you think Sony has up its sleeve? Tell us in the comments below.