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Pokemon: Five New Zygarde Formes Revealed

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Images of Japanese manga magazine CoroCoro have leaked, revealing five new formes for the legendary Pokemon Zygarde.

We have been speculating about the possibility of a Pokemon X & Y sequel – Pokemon Z – for some time, and this news only serves to further fuel that fire.

The formes act as different ‘stages’ of Zygarde; who is able to progress from vulnerable blob to hulking colossus.

Forme 1 – Cell: In its first forme, the legendary dragon appears as several flattened green blobs – pictured left-centre of the image within a white circle – which scatter themselves all over the place.

Forme 2 – Core: First revealed way back in August, we now that Core Forme Zygarde – pictured with a red chest above the Cell Forme – is the result of several Cell Formes combining. Previously known as The Green Blob Pokemon, this Core Forme creature acts as the ‘brain’ of subsequent Zygarde incarnations.

Forme 3 – 10%: When a Core Forme combines with several of the Cell Forme creatures, 10% Zygarde is born. The Pokemon, which resembles a dog, is said to have ‘incredible speed and sharp fangs’.

Forme 4 – 50%: The Pokemon formerly known as Zygarde in X & Y, will now be called the 50% forme. Once again, although we don’t know what exactly the 50% Forme is composed of, it’s clear that it’s some sort of amalgamation of all the previous forms.

Forme 5 – Perfect: Now stronger than both Xerneas and Yveltal, in its final forme Zygarde becomes a real force to be reckoned with. Still a Ground/Dragon type, the Perfect Forme stands 4.5 meters tall and weighs 610 kg. Rather interestingly, the shield-like appendages protruding from its arms are colored; left-red and right-blue. This suggests a deep relationship with fellow Kalos legendaries Yveltal (red) and Xerneas (blue).

The biggest indicator of a Pokemon Z game however is that, starting in Japan on October 29th, the anime will be renamed Pokemon XY & Z. Bizarrely, Ash’s Greninja – as pictured in the magazine – will be themed to match its trainers appearance.

Let us know what you think of the new Zygarde Formes in the comments section below.

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Original Author: Jay Michael