At a dedicated product event held this morning, Huawei announced the Porsche Design Huawei Watch GT 2. Behind that lengthy name is the latest result of Huawei’s long-term collaboration with Volkswagen Group-owned Porsche.

The said wearable is pretty much the most luxurious smartwatch Huawei put out to date. How much will its ultra-premium nature cost is still up in the air, however. But if previous generations of this collaborative wearable family are any indication, the Porsche Design Huawei Watch GT 2 is likely to retail at around $900 internationally.

As expected, the device won’t be officially releasing in the U.S. But importing it should be a pretty simple – not to mention affordable – affair. At least in the sense you won’t have to pay more than a few dozen bucks extra in order to have the gadget shipped to a stateside address.

As is usually the case with flagship products from Huawei. And don’t let the sleek design fool you; while this intelligent timepiece is definitely a collector’s item, it’s also an extremely functional device in its own right. As perhaps best illustrated by its promise of a two-week battery life, which places it in the very top segment of the market.