Professional Call of Duty player Maurice Henriquez, better known by his alias Fero, was found dead earlier this month, aged 21. The circumstances of this tragic development have been left vague, though the news of his death have been confirmed by several pro players close to him, including Nadeshot from 100 Thieves, an organization Fero represented prior to joining Florida Mutineers.

The latter ended up being his final professional team. According to an official statement from FU, Fero died from multiple heart attacks. His closest family members also asked for public clarification stating his death has not been ruled a suicide, nor was any fould play suspected. The 21-year-old joined the Florida Mutineers back in March. He debuted on the CoD World League circuit three years ago, helping Team Kaliber secure CWL Pro League Stage Two Playoffs before finishing second in that season’s CWL Championship finals which took place in August of 2018.

During his short stint with the Florida Mutineers which has been tragically cut short, Fero won three Home Series matchups over the course of this year, ultimately grabbing a top-8 placement in the CDL Championship and securing a share of its $4.6 million prize pool.

The Florida-based organization labeled this shocking news as “an unfathomable loss”, adding that Fero will be “greatly missed.”