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PS5 Beta 2.0 Update Has Arrived

by GH News
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Considering how complex and advanced the PS5 is as a gaming console and an entertainment device, it should receive frequent updates to maintain the system’s software integrity and user security. Gaming console updates such as the latest Beta 2.0 improve upon some of the issues present on the original firmware and might even extend the feature list. PS5 being a modern gaming console, we all expect to receive several software updates such as this one. Owners of PS5 consoles are also aware that their controllers might require updates themselves, which sets the baseline on how advanced these devices are. Let us look at the PS5 Beta 2.0 software update and what it brings to the table.

Controller Update Is Now More Efficient

PS5 arrived with advanced controllers that require software updates on their own. Many users have made it a public issue, as the update process could get initialized only when the console is booted up. If the updates were postponed or canceled mistakenly by the user, the system would set a 24-hour window during which the update could not get initialized. With the Beta 2.0 update installed, this problem got eliminated. There is a specific section in the Settings menu (Settings – Accessories – Controllers – Wireless Controller Device Software), where the user can initiate the software update at any given time.

Improvement for Parental Controls

PS5 has a built-in browser which might come as a surprise to many users, though hidden. It’s pretty potent and robust, featuring full HTML5, making it easy to access content such as online browser casino card games. Ever since Flash went defunct as the leading embedded web content standard, there has been an increase in the number of games hosted on casino and betting websites. Fast loading times and eye-candy visuals are vital aspects of casino card games such as blackjack.

With all that in mind, parental controls existed on the PS5 before this update but have got a slight improvement. From now on, parents will be able to view requests for content access over their e-mail and approve of them if the content is fit for their children. The setup is a bit rough as the system tries to open the previously described web browser several times forcefully. Still, the experience and functionality are exquisite once it is all done. In addition to that, this feature also works over the mobile PlayStation application.

It Is Now More Convenient to Turn Off the Console

Several user interface updates have been introduced, including an easier way to turn off the console itself. The trusted method of holding down the power button has never worked with the PS5 so far, but it is now at least a bit configurable. In addition, we can now swap the main menu icons on the bottom, and new icons can be added, such as the power off button. In terms of interface updates, Sony has now updated the look and feel of icons for PS4 and PS5 games, respectively, so if you have both PS4 and PS5 versions of the same game, the small icons will be more recognizable and easier to distinguish between each other.