They told him to stay away from the hippies, but Ethan just wouldn’t listen. Instead, he mumbled something about saving the trees with Tibetan singing bowls and now here we are with another Resident Evil game on our hands.

This one is actually already up to its second trailer, which is a pretty big commitment for Capcom’s marketing department considering how it isn’t directly related to Monster Hunter.

If this new trailer for Resident Evil Village isn’t met with universal acclaim from fans and historians alike, Capcom might just have to cancel the whole game, you know? Alright, probably not, but you try coming up with a better explanation for what is going on with Ethan in this two minutes and 47 seconds long RE: Village trailer that feels three times as long due to all the unreliable narration, and perception going on.

This particular video teaser has been running on the PS5, but only because it debuted at Sony’s own PlayStation Showcase, the game itself is also coming to the Xbox One X|S, Xbox One, PS4, and PC at some point next year. We’re still waiting for a concrete release date, though; both for the game and Ethan’s psych evaluation.