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Rollers of the Realm shows Protagonist as a Pin-Ball

by GH Staff

Rollers of the Realm is a positive vanguard of transforming classic components from an older video game into a new generation of technology. Basically, the developers of this upcoming role-playing game is providing a new purpose or function for using the pin-ball setup. Instead of having a standard object bouncing around obstacles, the protagonist becomes the player’s pin-ball as seen in this teaser trailer.

Before the intended video even starts, viewers can already see awards at the opening credits to emphasize how important this innovative project is. While continuing to watch this one-minute video, an unknown individual is narrating events as various illustrations are shown. Though a direct statement doesn’t exist, viewers can easily presume this voice belongs to the female main character since the narrator used first-person possessive pronouns like “my parents”.

After revealing her background story, the tentative audiences will later find out that she’s in fact a pin-ball rouge. As seen from the very short footage, a knight and the party join this female rouge in her unusually form. As the footage demonstrates, these characters are interchangeable, allowing the user to control or pick these figures. Yet, enemies remain in three-dimensional forms in the background environment, but they are susceptible to damages by being hit by the pin-ball until it destroys them.

With this neat transformation, this single-player project made by Phantom Compass really entices gaming veterans to return to the classics and intrigues modern audiences to go back to simple stress-free games that rely more on luck than statistics to a degree. Coming during this coming holiday season, this final product will be released as a digital copy for personal computers, PlayStation Vita, and PS4. For more information about this upcoming title, please visit Atlus‘s official website.

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