ScrewAttack’s 2014 gaming convention was held in Dallas, TX this past weekend. One of the largest gaming conventions in Texas, SGC is home to many events and expos, ranging from board game tournaments to an open arcade. A popular hit from SGC 2013 convention, Indie Heaven returned in full-force this year, with a new batch of independent games and devices for eager fans to get their hands on.

We Slay Monsters: The Academy for Dungeoneering is currently in-development from Furiously Inactive Games. Releasing for PC and mobile platforms, We Slay Monsters combines the fun of exploring the unknown with randomized dungeons, and the luck and strategy found in Poker, to create a unique and addicting fantasy adventure.

I’ve never been one for card-based games, mainly due to the complex nature of the rules and regulations. Fortunately, this wasn’t strictly a card-game, but more of a rougelike RPG with card-based actions. We Slay Monsters keeps things simplistic by using standard rules of Poker as a base for its mechanics. After I entered a randomly generated dungeon, I was given a hand of five cards, each with an assigned number and attack or elemental effect. While cards could be played one at a time, if I had a pair, three/four of a kind, or even a straight, I could play all of the applicable cards as long as I selected them in order. Depending on the combination of cards, I could unleash stronger versions of base attacks, or strike with multiple ones after playing a straight. Between dungeons, I could purchase more accessories, spells and perks, using the money I looted from the previous dungeon.

As I was also sent a developer-build of the game, I was able to play We Slay Monsters across a MacBook Pro and the latest version of the iPad during SGC, and personally on my 2014 Razer Blade 14″. Whether it’s with a mouse, or using a touch-screen, the game handles very well. The only complaint that I have, is that larger dungeons require a fair amount of time to complete. This isn’t necessarily due to the amount of enemies, or how much the player decides to explore the environment; characters only move one tile at a time, which can turn a large dungeon into a very long, very arduous quest. I’m really just nitpiking at this point, but I would like to see the addition of an adjustable “game speed” setting.

We Slay Monsters is currently in-development for iOS, PC and Mac, and is available to purchase via