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Sixteenth Season of The Biggest Loser – Critics vs Producers

by GH Staff

The Biggest Loser, as the name suggests became big day by day and giving bigger revenues to the NBC TV.  This reality show was started in 2004 in USA and attracted participants from all over the USA. Recently the auditions for sixteenth season ended and the only condition that must be satisfied by contestants who came for auditions is overweight, the more you weight the more the chances of becoming the participant. The goal of the show is to reduce the weight of the contestants; the one who loses more weight will become the winner. Contestants who are overweight are selected as participants and their weight is measured at the start of the show. The one who loses the more weight by the end of the season will get the prize money. The cash prize is huge for this show and the best performer will have two benefits i.e. getting the money and losing his weight. The adaptations of this show also became hugely popular in almost all countries.

From the date of announcement this show gained popularity because of its unique concept and the way the program started met all the expectations of audience and instead of telecasting the same show in different countries, the manufacturers gave importance to the nativity and produced the adapted version of the same game show in the different countries. Approximately more than 25 country’s TV networks adapted this show and in almost all the countries this show got the positive response. Running continuously for more than 15 seasons in USA itself shows the success of the show and it is considered as one of the most successful show ever.

The show received criticism from some newsmakers arguing that the show is forcing the contestants to lose significant weight in small time period. This may have serious impact on their lives with respect to health and other life span parameters. They even argued that the winner contestants are gaining significant weight within three months after they returned from the show and questioning the validity of the result. This type of criticism is common for a show which is being telecasted for more than 15 seasons. Critics even argued that if one follows the way that is being telecasted in the TV, (s)he may have serious metabolic imbalances which may affect one’s life in the long run.

Makers are showing some contestants like Vinny Hickerson, who lost close to 80 pounds on this show and gained lot of muscle and looking fit after even after the show is over. On an average, each contestant loses 80-100 pounds and there are records that one guy lost more than 59% (155 pounds) of weight in a season. Rigorous training (work out of five to six hours dally) and low calorie food will help contestants to achieve this. The winner will be selected form twelve contestants after three groups are formed. In the opinion of show producers, this show is having positive impact on every contestant as they are converting themselves from an unhealthy lifestyle to healthy lifestyle. They even said that this show also acts as an encouragement to several people to reach their optimal health conditions.