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Team Indie Crossover Hits Steam

by GH Staff

There is no event more epic than a crossover between your favorite characters in any genre. Family Guy meeting with the Simpsons. Marvel Superheroes joining to become the Avengers. Pacman and Megaman in Super Smash Bros. These are a couple examples of epic crossovers that have happened in the recent decade. However, there is one crossover that will be released October 9th on Steam that it is sure to bring joy to indie gaming fans.

I’m talking about Team Indie! Yes!  Brightside Games have developed a platformer for PC and MAC players that will feature notable indie game protagonists. Heroes like Commander Video from Bit, Runner and Clunk from Awesomenauts, and Tim from Braid will be featured in this title. As well as characters from Dustforce, Knytt Underground, Super Crate Box and Badlands. Gamers will be allowed to pick their favorite indie hero and use their individual powers and maneuver themselves through various stages.


So there you have it! The indie gaming world is colliding in what looks to be a pretty fun and unique game.