While 2020 is not shaping up to be the ideal year for large gatherings of any kind, Bandai Namco is proceeding with the Tekken World Tour, at least in a limited real-crowd capacity. Fortunately for the world’s best Tekken players, that does not mean prize pools will suffer.

In fact, the famous Japanese developer and publisher beefed up last year’s prize pool by another $15,000, meaning Tekken World Tour 2020 will breaking the series’ $200,000 prize pool ceiling. Well, initial prize pool ceiling, to be pedantic. As even the 2019 iteration of the global tournament saw its reward pool bumped up to $250,000 in total once last-minute sponsorship deals were negotiated before the finals.

But with a $15,000 head start and what have to be the most competitive (read: unpredictable) brackets in the history of the competition, this year’s tournament is looking quite strong, to say the least. With just a tiny bit of luck, TWT20 seems to be on road to breaking every major prize record across the entire top echelon of the Tekken esports scene.

Bandai Namco veteran and Tekken game director, Katsuhiro Harada, just recently added to the historic atmosphere by announcing the seventh main game in the franchise surpassed 5 million sold copies, bringing the franchise to over 49 million.