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Thanking Indie Developers 13: Basilisk Games

by GH Staff

Gamer Headlines introduces Basilisk Games and Eschalon: Book I for day thirteen of recognizing familiar and not-so familiar independent game developers and their wonderful but also inspiring video games. For those who don’t know the Eschalon series that started in 2007, each book is dedicated in bringing back old-school role-playing games for the personal computer.

Meaning, the traditional trilogy has a heavy dose of heavy stats, turn-base tactical combat, a story-driven plot, and an open world exploration for single players. Although one might suspect this project to be a button-mashing action RPG, the developer has confidently stated that “strategy is paramount to success; careful skill management, equipment selection and magic usage will win your fights, not rapid button clicking.”


Besides giving a brief summary, someone has kindly shared a few words of thanks:

“I believe the Basilisk Games did a terrific job on the Eschalon series and should receive some credit.  I really liked Book I and Book II the most since they offer more excitement with plenty of monsters and dungeons to explore. Sometimes, the  battles are intense but rewarding, especially since you can use the environment to your advantage. Though the ending is a bit disappointing for a final conclusion, I am hoping that they will create more games in the near future.”

For more information, please visit the official website. To submit an entry for this event, please read this article. Remember that this showcase will end on December 1. Therefore, don’t forget to share the love for other indie game developers by using #ThanksIndieDev in twitter messages for this entire month! 

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