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A Tutorial On How To Migrate From Windows 8 To Windows 10

by GH Staff

The latest OS to be offered by Microsoft is the Windows 10 and many users will seek to migrate to this from their existing Windows 8 systems.


Windows 10 is however, in a beta only release mode and users should look to installing it on a virtual machine or on a test computer and not as the primary OS. However, installing of the beta OS is relatively easy as Microsoft provides for really easy options and guides to help users through the process.


Microsoft has provided a great resource program called Windows Insider. This program offers users with an ISO image of the Windows 10 OS. Users will need to register and create a Microsoft account to be able to join the program. This is done in order to prevent piracy of software and joining the program and downloading the OS are completely free of cost to users. The installation procedure is very easy and most users should not face any hassles during this process.


The ISO image can be easily extracted to the test computer or virtual machine in which the new OS is to be installed. Once extracted, the install procedure wizard provides for a typical upgrade or customized install of the Windows 10 OS. Users, who want to save the settings of Windows 8, will need to select the upgrade option during the installation. If the users wish to completely migrate and replace their old OS, they will need to select the custom installation method. The wizard continues with some easy steps to be followed to complete the installation of the OS.


Once the installation of the Windows 10 operating system is complete, the device will undergo a reboot. Once this reboot is done, Windows 10 will have successfully been installed on the PC and users can then move on to set their personal preferences. Microsoft also provides for express settings, which allow users to quickly set up the default settings for optimal performance using the new Windows 10 OS. Users will need to sign into their Microsoft accounts in order to avail of all the features provided by Windows 10 OS.


As seen, there are a very few steps in the process of migrating or upgrading to the new Windows OS. Setting up of the new OS is a relatively simple task and can be performed by any user. The Windows 10 OS is in general similar to Windows 8 and provides for some added features. Many experts have claimed that this version of the OS is much faster than its predecessors. Users can start exploring the various options and features provided in Windows 10 by navigating from the start button.


Users also will be required to connect to the Microsoft One Drive cloud storage platform. This allows for saving of all data, including files, images, documents and also settings for the PC on which the OS has been installed.


The process being so simple, many people have tried out and are using the new Microsoft OS. Microsoft is expected to launch a proper release of the Windows 10 OS very soon.