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Xbox Series X|S Sold Out As Microsoft Celebrates Making History

by GH News
Xbox Series X S

With the long-awaited release date now officially behind us, we can confirm that anything resembling an Xbox Series X, S or a blocky version of Tom in the aftermath of yet another chase with Jery has all been sold out in a 50-klick radius as soon as it hit the shelves.

Which, in most cases doesn’t even mean physical shelves, especially with the still-ongoing public health concerns.

Well, Microsoft today confirmed that as far as things it can directly influence to some degree go, the release of the Xbox Series X and Series S has been by far the most successful launch in the history of the Xbox brand. Which is almost two decades long, at this point – just in case you haven’t felt the weight of the years creeping in on you today.

Microsoft isn’t yet sharing any specific sales figures, which was to be expected, but both its own commercial performance and that of Sony will at the very least end up being disclosed via milestones, further down the road.

Still, the next-generation of gaming is now officially the current gen, and both systems (or all, given Microsoft’s dual-configuration strategy), appear to have started quite strong this time around.

Let’s see what happens by this time next year.