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New Roguelike Puzzle Game Subaeria Announced

by GH Staff

Subaeria, a roguelike puzzle platform game has been announced for a PC release. The game is in development by Illogika Studios and the game will feature branching storylines and a very pretty art style. Being a roguelike game, Subaeria will have randomised levels, small RPG elements, like being able to unlock new abilities for your character and no saving. Each level will involve a puzzle where you must sneak past a robot or destroy it.

‘After many years spent making games and apps for other companies, this is our first opportunity to create an original game and it won’t be yet another clone,” said David Lamarre, CEO and co-founder at illogika. “By taking a genre we loved, roguelikes, and adding a real story that will change each time you play and gameplay that will force players to think about being smarter, not tougher, than enemies, Subaeria will be a game we can be truly proud of.’

The game in set in a dystopian society and takes inspirations from different areas. The game will take place in a science fiction setting and feature top down 3D levels. Subaeria will be looking to join the ranks of other quality roguelikes when it becomes available on PC in mid 2015.

If you’re interested in Subaeria, you can follow the official twitter page here.

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