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Nvidia Grid Unveiled Shield

Nvidia CEO: “Heydays of consoles are over,” talks PC gaming benefits

Recently, prominent global technology company, Nvidia, had its earnings call -  during which they revealed record-breaking earnings (most likely due to their well-received GTX GeForce...

Much To Be Thankful For: A Guide To Gaming In November

Gaming in November: What Are You Thankful For? A jam packed November schedule of game releases is giving gamers many things to be thankful for...
Imaginary Gaming CEO releases statement regarding CS:GO assault

CS:GO – Imaginary Gaming releases statement regarding alleged assault

The following is a follow-up to a previous article on the subject - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team assaulted after tournament victory - . in which, following a...
Michael Condrey GamerGate no tolerance

Advanced Warfare Lead Dev Responds to GamerGate, Defends Gaming Community

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's Lead Dev Michael Condrey spoke to BBC Newsbeat today in response to Zoe Quinn's call for large game studios to...
The Gamer Headlines Show

The Gamer Headlines Show Episode 3: Bayonetta 2, New Marvel Movies and Halloween Gaming

Welcome to The Gamer Headlines Show, a weekly podcast discussing video games, movies, comics, TV and any other topic deemed geeky enough to be...

Idea Factory celebrates 20 Years of Gaming!

Announced on Twitter, Idea Factory has "turned 20 yesterday" and released an adorable image of the HyperDimension Neptunia characters playing a handheld console. After...
Sinister Six

Gaming’s Sinister Six

Editor’s note: this article contains spoilers regarding each villain and their respective franchise. The Sinister Six, a villain-based organisation originally consisting of Doctor Octopus (founder),...

Are You Too Sexy? – Understanding Bayonetta & Women and Sexuality in Gaming

Since exactly forever, women in video games have had a certain reputation for being overtly sexualised. With exaggerated long legs, impossibly sized breasts, and...
PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 Awarded ‘Gadget of the Year’ and the ‘Gaming Award’ at the T3...

T3, a UK-based technology magazine, announced the winners from its T3 Gadget Awards this year, as Sony’s PlayStation 4 took home 'Gadget of the...

Gaming Arena to be built in Columbus

Nothing can get the blood flowing through your veins faster than the thunderous applause of a crowd, cheering for you as you celebrate victory....